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Vehicle Counting System (VIERO™)


Vehicle Counting System

The VIERO™ Vehicle Counting System, provides vehicle count data over any road segment under all weather conditions,7/24, based on image processing techniques. The system sends all the data to a user specified remote control center in both wired and wireless fashion. VIERO™ generates the average speed data of vehicles by measuring instant vehicle density. VIERO™ works two different modes for day and night and achieves results with less than 5% error due to our image processing algorithms. VIERO™, is composed of a high resolution IP camera, an image processing board and a wireless communication module in an IP67/IK10 certified housing. VIERO™ has a higher performance than its competitors due to its specially developed algorithms of the system.


The Easiest Way to Collect Traffic Data


Viero Eng Teknik




VIERO™ Analysis

Vehicle counts
Vehicle tracking based on image processing
Average speed data



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Advantages of VIERO™

Clear view up to 100 meters
Counting up to 4 lines
Provides the highest performance 24/7
Free update during guarantee period
Wireless communication capability



Traffic Data with VIERO™

VIEROTM, produces a variety of traffic data by measuring vehicle counts, occuppancy, vehicle tracking based on image processing and average speed data. The data that system produces is used in various studies, mainly Dynamic Junction Control System (CHAOSTM) , Signal Time Optimization, Traffic Feasibility Studies, Geometric Arrangement Studies, Road Safety Studies and so on.



pexels photo 191842