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Bluetooth Based Traffic Analysis System (BLUESIS™)


Bluetooth Based Traffic Analysis System

BLUESISTM calculates average travel time and speed between two installation locations in real time. BLUESIS™ can create not only travel times, but also vehicle trajectories and Origin-Destination matrices. It is possible to generate traffic density maps and announce real-time traffic data to drivers via Variable Message Signs, radios or mobile platforms.

BLUESISTM has the ability of catching and matching unique MAC address of Bluetooth-enabled devices in vehicles which pass through at least two BLUESISTM locations. Average travel time/speed is calculated by the time stamps of these collected MAC addresses.

BLUESISTM has bi-directional range up to 200 meters and IP65 enclosure which has maximum performance in all weather conditions. BLUESISTM can even work with solar energy panels thanks to the low power consumption feature.


Bluesis Technic


Easy Installation and Integration

Remote configuration
Fast installation without calibration
Easy maintenance
Integration with Traffic Control Centers in OCIT/NTCIP standards



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Wireless Data Transfer

BLUESISTM can transmit data wirelessly. Thus, it is not a big challenge to install the system in site locations where the infrastructure is not available. BLUESISTM also can save collected data onto an SD memory card and prevents data loss in case of failure in communication channels.



BLUESIS™ Use Cases

BLUESISTM has an extensive traffic analysis capability, can inform drivers about the current traffic situation, can publish and archive data to use in traffic management and transportation planning.



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