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Red Light Enforcement System


Red Light Enforcement System

Red Light Enforcement System POINTR™ K3000, detects vehicles that has red light enforcement. The system contributes to the increase of the traffic safety by minimizing the accidents that occurred due to the enforcement. POINTR™ K3000 includes one POINTR™ 3000 Number Plate Recognition Unit for each lane, one wide-angle vision camera and a high power flash unit. The system detects light enforcement devices with using virtual loop technology.

Number plates belonging to vehicles that enforced red light are detected automatically by the system and transferred to PLATÜRK ™ software. The system transfers the video recordings to the center before the enforcement and after the enforcement. If requested, the Red Light Enforcement System can be integrated with the Speed ​​Enforcement Detection System.

The images obtained from the Red Light Enforcement System and the processed data (location, license number plate, vehicle brand, vehicle color, date and time of the enforcement) are automatically transmitted to PLATÜRK™ Software and criminal receipts are automatically generated and presented to the operator's approval. 

redd enforcment


Red Light Enforcement System Analysis

03RJ525 TUR 060123110001102 2017 05 05 20 44 01 646 0 0 0 0 1394 1059 1647 1163 7 77 4

06RF483 TUR 060123110001102 2017 05 05 13 12 55 426 0 0 0 0 495 1169 785 1263 5 75 3

20BAB84 TUR 060123110001102 2017 05 05 20 28 14 182 0 0 0 0 620 1240 930 1344 8 78 1



Advantages of Red Light Enforcement System

Line – based red light enforcement detection

Number Plate Recognition

7/24 red light enforcement detection

Remote Access

Automatic standby incase  there is a fault in the signal

Turn off the system from the main control center when the traffic policeman manages the junction

High resolution video recording