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Traffic Impact Analysis

Traffic Impact Analysis

The aim of the Traffic Impact Analysis study is to evaluate the impact of planned development project’s traffic generation and traffic attraction on the existing transportation system and to estimate future traffic.

Within the scope of the Traffic Impact Analysis study, analysis of the existing and the future traffic conditions are made by using Vissim and Vistro. The analysis of the effect of the future traffic on the existing transportation infrastructure is calculated.

According to comparison of the existing and the future traffic conditions; we study several scenarios by using Vissim and Vistro to improve the level of service of the intersections, capacity analysis of the public transportation services, and capacity analysis & design of the car parks included in the development project. At the end of these calculations; traffic regulations and prevention plans will be prepared and the necessary investments and the opening of the facilities will be planned.

Signal Coordination
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Parking Design
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Trip Distribution
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Intersection Design
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