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OVER-H | Overheight Vehicle Detection

OVER-H is a system that automatically detects the number plates of vehicles that are detected to have exceeded the vehicle height limits by measuring the vehicle size with a laser sensor and announces the warnings via Variable Message Signs (VMS).

System Components

Laser Sensor

Detects the vehicles exceeding vehicle height limits and generates an alarm.

Number Plate Recognition System

Continuously transmits the number plate and vehicle type information of the detected vehicles to the Integration Module.

Integration Module

If a violation is detected, it combines the data of the number plate recognition system and laser sensor and transmits the violation alarm to the VMS.


In case of an alarm, the number plate of the vehicle is announced on the VMS screen and it is notified that it should be towed to the checkpoint.

Features of OVER-H

All-weather operation

Integrated Number Plate Recognition System

High-resolution images and vehicle classification

Instant monitoring of vehicles passing through camera points

Detailed archive query, list and picture display

Ability to print the results as pdf, xls and image

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