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CENTRIS | Dynamic Junction Control Unit

"Everything is under control"

CENTRIS is a multi-functional control unit, which is used for junction management, signal optimization and the remote control of any traffic sensor/device including the detection of failures. Its high-speed processor allows analyzing collected data from various sensors in real time, and running the customized algorithms inside.

CENTRIS module instantly analyses the data such as vehicle count and vehicle density data produced by Vehicle Counting Cameras VIERO, to be placed on the junction to optimise the traffic light durations continuously. Thus, the average waiting times such as the delay of the vehicles at the traffic lights are reduced.

CENTRIS works integrated with the Traffic Control Centre software MANGO. Signal programmes prepared through MANGO can be uploaded to CENTRIS with remote access.

Abilities of CENTRIS

Signal time optimisation

Vehicle preemption

Failure status transmission

Ability to remotely upload/download signal programmes to/from the signal controller

Ability to remotely intervene instantly and change the operation mode and signal durations of the intersection

Ability to instantly monitor the status of signal groups at the intersection

Ability to give additional time to the desired approach instantly, without the need for programme change

Ability to notify the centre in case of power failure at the intersection

Dynamic junction management with Floating Car Data

To be able to prioritise tram and pedestrian crossings

To be able to provide coordinated vehicle and pedestrian passage in corridors

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