POINTR P3000 | Speed Corridor Enforcement

"Minimizes traffic accidents due to high speed."

POINTR Moonlight/POINTR P3000 detects vehicles that violate the rules by calculating the average speed of vehicles between two points determined on highways.

The Speed Corridor Enforcement System consists of number plate recognition units placed at the entrance and exit of the corridor to be controlled and a central software that calculates the average speed using the number plate information obtained from these units. The travelling time of the vehicles whose number plates are read at the entrance and exit points of the corridor is measured between these two points and this value is converted into average speed information by using distance information.

The system detects vehicles travelling one after the other or side by side on single or multi-lane roads with high-resolution cameras. In addition, the system transfers information such as location, time, date, distance, direction, vehicle speed, speed limit, speed violation event, etc. to the fine receipt through the PLATÜRK central software. In case of a possible malfunction or an attempt to interfere with the system other than authorised persons, the speed corridor enforcement system can send an audible warning to the centre.

Unlike point-based speed detection systems, the system does not use radar, thus eliminating the need for calibration. In addition, enforcements based on average speed calculation pave the way for vehicles to comply with speed limits along the entire route and contribute significantly to the prevention of accidents due to excessive speed.

Features of POINTR Moonlight/POINTR P3000

Integrated number plate recognition unit

High resolution camera

Continuing to work by keeping the records in memory in case of network connection failures

Night vision with IR Led

IP 66, IK10 and NEMA 4x certified enclosure

24/7 operation

Sending data to a central server via FTP

Remote access

High resolution photography of the violating vehicle

Automatic fine receipt issuance

Video recording with external camera

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