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POINTR P2000 | Parking Enforcement

"The most effective solution to the parking problem"

POINTR P2000 aims to reduce parking violations by detecting vehicles and their number plates in areas where parking is prohibited. The system, which consists of a high-resolution camera with Pan-Tilt-Zoom feature and an embedded image processing card, scans continuously in an area with a radius of 75 metres and automatically detects parked vehicles exceeding the parking duration limits determined by the operator.

The vehicles found to have committed parking violations are immediately recorded and the duration of the violation is determined, and when this period exceeds the threshold time value set by the operator, a fine receipt can be issued automatically. In addition, thanks to the built-in IP camera within the system, pictures/video recordings of the vehicle are transferred to the centre for the moments when the violation starts and ends.

The images obtained from the Parking Enforcement System and the processed data (location, number plate, vehicle brand, vehicle colour, date/time of violation) are transmitted to the PLATÜRK Software, and the fine receipts are automatically generated and submitted to the operator for approval.

Features of POINTR P2000

Violation detection within a 75 metre radius

Automatic number plate recognition

Remote access

32 Preset points violation detection

High resolution video recording

Automatic fine receipt issuance

Fast installation

Adjustable violation threshold time value

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