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Customs Number Plate Recognition System

The Customs Number Plate Recognition System automatically detects trucks and other trailer vehicles entering and exiting the land border crossings and port terminals at the entry-exit points and other control points within the area. The information of the detected trucks and trailers are collected in a central software.

Customs number plate recognition system has camera, laser sensor and image processing technology. The system accelerates field operations and reduces operating costs.

With this system;

  • Front towing vehicle image,
  • Rear trailer vehicle image,
  • Tow truck and trailer number plate information is automatically recorded in real time.

Advantages of Customs ANPR

No intervention to the road/ground during installation

Detection of towing and trailer information with a single system

Portable hardware

Vertical and horizontal character reading

Ensuring vehicle passage without stopping

Automatic data generation and transfer to central software

Reducing operation costs

Providing additional security based on visual evidence

Saving and storing all data on a software

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