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BLUESIS | Bluetooth Based Traffic Analysis System

Your travels are under surveillance with BLUESIS

Bluetooth Based Traffic Analysis System BLUESIS, positioned across diverse city locales, has the ability of catching unique MAC addresses of Bluetooth-enabled devices such as, in-vehicle audio systems, headsets, mobile phones etc. By leveraging this data, MANGO Bluetooth Analysis Module performs comprehensive calculations to determine travel durations and speeds for each route on a per-minute basis. This module not only derives average travel time and speed between pairs of these sensors, but also provides vehicle trajectories and daily distribution of interzonal travel in an Origin-Destination matrix with percentage-based representations.

BLUESIS has bi-directional range up to 200 meters and IP65 enclosure which has maximum performance in all weather conditions. BLUESIS can even work with solar energy panels thanks to the low power consumption feature.

Using data from BLUESIS, the MANGO Bluetooth Analysis Module is able to perform comprehensive traffic analyses. It can generate traffic density maps, can inform drivers about the current traffic situation via Variable Message Signs, radios or mobile platforms, can publish and archive data to use in traffic management and transportation planning. It is also possible to analyze the movements of different transportation modes than vehicles, such as pedestrians or bikers.

BLUESIS Analysis

Average travel time calculation

Average vehicle speed calculation

Vehicle density measurement

Alternative route suggestion

Origin-Destination matrix estimation

Pedestrian movement analysis

Advantages of BLUESIS

Efficient data gathering

Geographical visualization

Data storage and reliability

Configurable travel routes

Comprehensive travel insights

User-friendly visualization

Empowering data-driven decisions

Easy Installation and Integration

Remote configuration

Fast installation without calibration

Service capability that does not require road intervention

Integration with Traffic Control Centers in OCIT/NTCIP standards

Minimal infrastructure requirement with solar panel option

Wireless Data Transfer

BLUESIS can transmit data over fibre or GSM lines. Thus, it is not a big challenge to install the system in site locations where the infrastructure is not available. BLUESIS retransmits collected data if connectivity disruptions occur. It also can save collected data onto an SD memory card and prevents data loss in case of failure in communication channels.

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