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MANGO CAR | New Generation Electric Vehicle

"Have a MANGO CAR, knowledge with you"

MANGO CAR is a 100% electric mini smart vehicle that is connected to the Traffic Control Centre Software MANGO. MANGO controls and commands all signalized intersections, all traffic sensors, all variable message signs and all car parks in cities. Thanks to MANGO CAR, real-time information about the road and traffic situation already available in the Traffic Control Center is shared with drivers, promising a safe and comfortable travel. With these features, MANGO CAR serves the field of Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS), which is rapidly spreading all over the world and includes the communication of vehicles with each other and control centers.

Components of MANGO CAR

MANGO - Next Generation Traffic Management Center Platform

MANGO is interactive traffic control center software. Its user-friendly, web-based interface allows you to monitor, analyze, manage and control different traffic systems and sensor sets. The information about the city traffic and road network collected in MANGO is transferred to the MANGO CAR driver via two-way communication.

Mobile Application

Developed for the safe and comfortable traveling of MANGO CAR users, the mobile application allows the location of the nearest vehicle to the user to be viewed and rented. Thanks to the mobile application, which can be used both in private vehicles and within the car sharing system, optimized route suggestions are given according to the origin and destination locations selected on the map and approximate price information is shared. In addition, the location and occupancy information of the car parks closest to the destination can be viewed and the required parking space can be booked.

In-Vehicle Smart Display

The in-vehicle smart display located on the front panel of the MANGO CAR uses “vehicle-environment communication” technology to provide the driver with information on road and traffic conditions. The navigation service for the recommended optimized route is provided via this display. In addition, information about the intersections approached during the journey, the traffic light status at the relevant intersection approach, and the remaining red/green light durations are shared with the driver. Green light optimal speed advices for passing through the junction without stopping at red light, display of available parking spaces and parking space recommendation features are also offered via the in-vehicle smart display.

Advantages of MANGO CAR

Supports the car sharing and ride sharing model.

Minimizes parking space problems.

It is 100% electric, environmentally friendly with zero emission.

It is safer than micromobility vehicles.

With its long range, it is also useful for long distances in the city.

It can be charged from 200 V city power in ~6 hours easily.

It has some priorities such as allocated and cheaper car parking spaces, low-cost charging.

Energy consumption while driving is minimized with optimized route suggestions.

Two-way communication with the Traffic Control Center Software MANGO provides the driver with real-time information on road and traffic conditions.

It offers a safe and comfortable traveling experience by using new generation smart transportation technologies.

MANGO CAR Features

The instant status of the traffic lights at the upcoming junctions is notified to the driver via the smart screen in MANGO CAR. In this way, drivers are informed about the instant situation at intersections, enabling them to travel more safely and comfortably.

The driver of the MANGO CAR is given a speed recommendation to pass through the next intersection on a green light without being stuck at a red light, and the driver is notified via the smart display in the front panel of MANGO CAR. While giving a speed recommendation, a calculation is made using instant traffic density and traffic signal information. Thanks to the GLOSA application, it is possible to pass through intersections without stop-start, saving time and energy spent in traffic.
For an origin and destination point selected by the MANGO CAR driver, real-time information on the road and traffic situation (traffic density, queue length and delays at intersections, geographical data, etc.) is used to suggest a route that optimizes energy consumption. In addition, information such as travel time, arrival time, range, price etc. for the proposed optimized route is also shared with the driver.

The MANGO CAR driver is informed of the location and availability of the car parks on the route and closest to the destination. It also offers the possibility to make an online reservation for the selected parking space. This saves MANGO CAR drivers time spent searching for a parking space and eliminates the problem of finding a parking space.

The locations of the EESs, which are also published by the General Directorate of Security, and whether they are on the current route or not are transmitted to the driver. When an EES point is approached, the driver is given an audible and visual warning to ensure safe passage through this point.

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