POINTR K3000 | Red Light Enforcement

"Safer intersections with K3000"

Red Light Enforcement System POINTR K3000, detects vehicles committing red light violations. The system contributes to increased traffic safety by minimising accidents caused by violations at signalised intersections.

POINTR K3000 includes one POINTR 3000 Number Plate Recognition Unit per each lane, one wide-angle camera and a high-power flash unit. The system detects red light violators with virtual loop technology. The number plates of these vehicles are automatically detected by the system and transferred to the PLATÜRK software. The system transfers the video recordings to the center before and after the enforcement. If requested, the Red Light Enforcement System can be integrated with the Speed Enforcement System.

The images obtained from the Red Light Enforcement System and the processed data (location, number plate, vehicle brand, vehicle color, date and time of the enforcement) are automatically transmitted to PLATÜRK Software and fine receipts are automatically generated and submitted for operator approval.

Features of POINTR K3000

Lane-based red light violation detection

Automatic number plate recognition with integrated number plate recognition unit

Automatic system stop in case of traffic signal malfunctions

Continuing to work by keeping the records in memory in case of network connection failures

Ability to switch off the system from the centre when the traffic police manage the intersection

24/7 operation

High resolution video recording

Automatic fine receipt generation

Night vision with IR Led

IP 66, IK10 and NEMA 4x certified enclosure

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