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MANGO | Next Generation City Traffic Management Platform

Manage and Go

MANGO is a traffic management software, which is able to monitor, analyze, manage and control a variety of traffic systems and sensor sets from a single, user-friendly, web-based interface. The software increases the traffic management capabilities of cities by offering an interoperable city traffic management environment.

MANGO, based on a digital map, is a totally web-based software which enables the remote control of junctions, perform statistical analysis based on selected data and time, communicate with junctions 24/7.

MANGO users have access to a highly flexible and scalable platform, with various applications that can be added as plug-ins to the software. It means that, MANGO can solely be a dynamic junction management software, but it can also be enhanced with real-time traffic information from different data sources such as Floating Car Data (FCD), smart cameras, GPS data, magnetic detectors etc.

Modules of MANGO

Dynamic Intersection Management

Variable Message Sign Management

Bluetooth Based Traffic Analysis

Real-time Traffic Information and Forecast

Automatic Incident Detection

Integrated Corridor Management

Emergency Vehicle Preemption

Task Management

Fleet Management

Entrance and Exit Management

Measurement of Effectiveness

Camera Management

Benefits of MANGO

Providing full control over the traffic network

Providing quality data for long-term traffic planning

Analyse road network and travel behaviours based on archived data

Reduction in traffic congestion

Increased efficiency by reducing traffic impact costs

Reduction in average travel times

Enabling incident management

Contribution to reducing the number of traffic accidents

Increase in user satisfaction with user-friendly interface

Reduction in fuel and energy consumption and carbon emissions

What we care?

Communication between the system and the users is established quickly and easily from a single intuitive user interface in our software. Users both have a holistic management opportunity and can easily access customized data/reports according to their needs.

The methods of our software are open to third-party developers. Developers who want to access the system interface could use the shared API information and the system can integrate with new devices/applications.
Our traffic management software has a system design that can work with third-party software. Any kind of integration levels are allowed for MANGO.
Our software is protected with encyrption at the device level and at the center to secure the sensitive data of existing applications.
Our software is scalable and %99 available, and it has an architecture that can process trillions of data regardless of system and sensor size.

MANGO Junction Management Module

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