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Floating Car Data (FCD) Analytics

A wide range of transportation analyses are performed with real-time travel time data from road segments of approximately 50 meters. Speed profile and queue length calculations are made using travel time data. By correlating the calculated speed profile with the number of passing vehicles, the number of vehicles waiting in the queue is estimated according to the queue length. The estimated number of vehicles is used in intersection management algorithms. In addition, using speed profiles, real-time incident detection can be performed on road sections.

Bluetooth Based Analytics

Various transportation analyses can be performed with the data provided by the Bluetooth Based Traffic Analysis System (BLUESIS). Road segment and route-based average travel times and average speed data are the most valueable data provided by these sensors. In addition, Origin-Destination (O-D) analyses can be performed at regional and city scale thanks to the device tracking ability. Real-time O-D matrices are critical for transportation planning and strategy studies.

Accident Analysis

One of the efforts to improve traffic safety and reduce traffic accidents to zero (VisionZero) is the analysis of historical accident data. Thanks to these analyses, accident black spots including the information on which types of accidents are frequently observed at which locations, are detected. Afterthat, design, planning, analysis and operational activities are carried out for these spots.

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