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Is Blue Light Useful or Harmful

Healthy or harmful?

Blue light is light located in the electromagnetic spectrum between 415 nm and 495 nm wavelengths. On a sunny day we see the sky in blue. This is because blue light with short wavelength interacts with molecules in the air and allows us to see the sky blue.


What is the effect of blue light on our body

Blue light plays an important role in the regulation of the hormone melatonin, known as the sleep hormone. With the sunrise, the blue light coming from the sun starts to suppress the melatonin hormone in our body. In this way, our body is aware of the beginning of the day. Thanks to the blue light we are exposed to during the day, we become fitter and more careful throughout the day, and our time to focus on a task increases. Of course, as with everything, too much of the blue light is harmful. Nature actually provides us with the balance of this perfectly. When the sun starts to set, we start to lose the blue light of the sun. Thus, it is time for our body to go into the resting phase. So is there any blue light around us that we are exposed to other than the sun? Unfortunately, there are too many. We continue to be exposed to this light at night due to the blue light reflected from the LED screens on smartphones, tablets and computers that have not fallen from our hands recently. So how does exposure to too much blue light affect us? Melatonin hormone is a hormone that begins to be secreted in the dark. If we are exposed to the blue light emitted by these devices at night,


the secretion of the melatonin hormone stops. So our body still thinks that the day is not over. If we continue to use these devices at night, our sleep patterns start to turn upside down. As a result of some research, the deterioration of the sleep pattern and the day / night relationship in the body invites many diseases such as malnutrition, distraction, diabetes.

Is it possible to get away while being so intimate with these devices?.

It is best not to use these devices at night, but it does not seem possible to not work with these devices, which we are exposed to due to our work. If we minimize our exposure to blue light, we also need to take our protective measures. For this, you can choose glasses or screensaver with blue light filters. In addition, if you activate the night mode feature on your devices, your devices will automatically switch to this mode at sunset time. Do not neglect to rest your eyes frequently while working at night.

We can continue to benefit from technology by protecting ourselves from full blue lights with the beauty brought by technology.

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