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Konum: 13th Region of Turkish Highways

Müşteri: 13th Regional Directorate of Highways

Sektör: Intercity, Public

Kullanılan Uzmanlıklar: Analysis

Directorate of Highways – 13th Regional Directorate Intelligent Transportation Systems Consultancy Project

Consultancy services were provided in order to determine the system requirements of the ITS corridors planned to be established in the Antalya-Tekirova, Antalya-Sandıklı, Antalya-Gazipaşa highway corridors within the borders of the 13th Regional Directorate of Highways of the Republic of Turkey, to ensure the standardization of these systems by gathering them under a single platform, to establish integrity and interoperability between systems, to ensure the traceability and manageability of highways, and to increase operational capability by guiding technological developments with the requirements to be put forward. Project components within the scope of this study:

  • Intersection Analysis
  • Floating Car Data (FCD) Analysis
  • Determination of Central Software Needs
  • Recommendation of ITS Applications
  • Providing Recommendations on Citizen Application
  • Transportation Modeling Software Recommendations