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Konum: Çorum

Müşteri: Çorum Municipality

Sektör: Urban, Public

Kullanılan Uzmanlıklar: Design&Planning, Analysis, Macro Transportation Modeling

Proje Seviyesi: Region

Preparation of Çorum Traffic Circulation Plan and Improvement Proposals Consultancy Project

This study covers the analysis of the traffic circulation plan covering the city center and the surrounding areas in order to provide solutions to the transportation problems in Çorum city center and preparation of improvement proposals for this circulation plan. Also, analysis and proposals have been made regarding the technical elements for implementation. In this context, one-way and two-way transportation plan scenarios were prepared, signal plans were created, pedestrianization, parking, alternative routes and different modes of transportation were proposed, and geometric design projects for intersections and corridors were prepared. Project components within the scope of this study:

  • A literature review on the topics related to the project
  • Investigation of project area from a transportation perspective
    • Evaluation of findings from field studies
    • Traffic count study and creation of origin-destination matrices
    • Data collection with Bluetooth-based traffic analysis system (BLUESIS)
    • Floating Car Data (FCD) analysis
    • Traffic Safety investigations
    • Existing road network analysis with transportation planning models
    • Existing intersection analysis with traffic simulation models
  • Determination of general strategies for the coming years in the project area
  • Presentation of traffic circulation scenarios in the project area
  • Presentation and reporting