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Konum: Mersin

Müşteri: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality

Sektör: Urban, Public

Kullanılan Uzmanlıklar: Design&Planning, Analysis

Proje Seviyesi: Intersection, Corridor

Preparation of Intersection, Roadway and Traffic Design Projects on Cengiz Topel Avenue

Intersection, road and traffic regulation studies were carried out at the intersections of Sahil Yolu Babil (signalized), Onur Sitesi (signalized), Viranşehir (signalized) and Yağmur Market (non-signalized) on Cengiz Topel Avenue located in Mersin city center, and geometric design change proposals were made in the light of simulations and analyses made at the intersection and corridor scale, and implementation projects of these proposals were prepared. Project components within the scope of this study:

  • Existing corridor and intersection analysis and simulations
  • Intersection, road and traffic circulation design works
  • Corridor and intersection analysis and simulations of the proposed projects
  • Preparation of plan information and drawing sheets