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Konum: Bursa

Müşteri: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

Sektör: Urban, Public

Kullanılan Uzmanlıklar: Design&Planning, Analysis, Operation

Proje Seviyesi: Intersection, Corridor, Region

T.C. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Management Center (TMC) Project – Traffic Engineering Studies

In the scope of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Management Center (TMC) Project, traffic engineering problems have been addressed at 91 signalized and non-signalized intersections under the responsibility of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Singular, corridor, and/or regional simulation models of the intersections were created using current traffic count data and existing signal plans in the PTV Vissim traffic simulation software, and the intersections were analyzed. As a result of the analyses, level of service (LOS) values, average delay times per vehicle, approach leg-based queue lengths, and average speeds of the intersections were obtained. Algorithms for the current situation were also modeled in PTV VisVAP for signalized intersections operated by magnetic loops and/or pedestrian buttons. Floating Car Data was used in the calibration of the simulation models for the current situation, and speed profiles and queue lengths on the approach legs of the intersections were examined. For currently unsignalized intersections, signalization requirement analyses have been conducted using the PTV Vistro traffic analysis software. Project components within the scope of this study:

  • Data collection
    • Traffic count data
    • Existing signalization infrastructure and signal plans
    • Floating Car Data (FCD) analysis
  • Simulation modeling and analyses
    • Modeling of the existing situation
    • Modeling of improvement scenarios
    • Feedback and revision works
  • Presentation and reporting
  • Implementation in the field