Konum: Konya

Müşteri: Konya Metropolitan Municipality

Sektör: Private

Kullanılan Uzmanlıklar: Design&Planning, Analysis

Konya Park Trade Center Traffic Impact Analysis Study

The possible effects of the residences and the shopping center within the Konya Park Trade Center project on the existing transportation system were evaluated and future traffic forecasts were made. In this context, the analysis of the existing state, the estimation of the traffic demand that the project will generate and the impact of this demand on the existing transportation infrastructure have been analyzed and precautionary suggestions have been made. Project components within the scope of this study:

  • Existing State Analysis
  • Traffic Demand Forecast
    • Travel Generation Estimation
    • Travel Distribution Forecast
    • Modal Split Forecast
    • Travel Assignment
    • Level of Service Analyses
  • Proposals
  • Public Transportation Analysis
  • Parking Analysis