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Konum: Tashkent/Uzbekistan

Sektör: Urban, Public

Proje Türü: Operation

Kullanılan Uzmanlıklar: Analysis, Operation

Proje Seviyesi: Intersection, Corridor

Tashkent Signal Master Plan, Signal Time Optimization and Coordination

Within the scope of this project, the existing structure of all intersections was examined, the infrastructure and superstructure components of the intersections were evaluated, proposed signal groups were prepared in line with these evaluations, capacity analyses were performed using the existing signal plans, the count data presented for the intersections were evaluated, the data obtained were analyzed in the micro-scale traffic simulation program, signal plans were prepared in line with these analyses and the prepared signal plans were tested with observations made at the intersections. The studies aimed to increase traffic safety and reduce waiting times at the intersections and reduce total travel times at intersection groups that can be considered as corridors due to their proximity to each other. Project components within the scope of this study:

  • Examination of the existing signalization infrastructure and superstructure
  • Signalization infrastructure and superstructure modifications
  • Intersection capacity analysis
  • Signal time optimization and signal coordination studies
  • Signal plan tests with field observations