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Konum: İstanbul

Müşteri: Kroman Çelik Sanayi A.Ş.

Sektör: Industrial

Kullanılan Uzmanlıklar: Design&Planning, Analysis

Traffic Impact Assessment and In-campus Traffic Circulation Analysis for Industrial Facility

In this project, the effect of the expansion project of the industrial facility on the transportation network inside and around the factory campus was examined. The first phase of the project was focused on the possible congestions at the existing campus transportation network with forecasted traffic. Then, the second phase of the work was focused on the management of traffic flow of the expanded campus transportation network. The transportation network and factory campus were modeled using PTV Vissim software. Project components within the scope of this study:

  • Traffic counts
  • Existing traffic condition analysis
  • Future traffic condition analysis
  • In-campus traffic circulation analysis
  • Final technical report